LAND GRABBING: Company Sends SOS to Okowa

WARRI/Nigeria: Debtorsbook Management Services, DMS  in partnership with a renowned debt  recovery company , generally known as Find and Recover Debt Limited, FRDL , have sent a save our soul  (SOS) urgent call and appeal  to the Delta State Governor,  Senator Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, to use the instrument of his office to call to order the activities of one Charles Ariko who is described as notorious and unbridled, and surreptitiously masquerading as Friday Ogboru to forcefully grab a parcel of land belonging to Mr Chinedu  Eshimobi adjacent to  Plot No 4 God’s Care hospital road Ekete lnland Udu LGA.

Mr. Larry Ebi DMS  Group Spokesman who  addressed a Press Conference in Warri stated that the open letter to  governor Okowa  also called on  other relevant law enforcement agencies like the  Director of DSS , in Delta State,  the Commanding Officer , Nigerian Army , 3 battalion Effurun barracks , Warri, the Delta State Commissioner of Police , CP Hafiz Inuwa  and  the Chairman,  Conflict Resolution Committee,  Chief Edwin Uzor to ensure that justice is done to discourage other land grabbers like Charles Ariko.

The list of those copied  also include  Hon. Jite Brown, the Chairman Udu LGA , the Unit Commander , Nigerian Army stationed at Mofor Area , the President General  and  youth President of Ekete  Community,   to track down the  black horse called Charles Ariko who  is determined to resell  the parcel of land he already sold to Mr. Chinedu Eshimobi since 2016 .


Larry Ebi the Debtorsbook Management Services representative pointed out that Mr. Eshimobi, the legitimate owner of the parcel of land measuring 100 x 200 at Gods Care hospital road adjacent to Plot No 4 Ekete Inland is with all the requisite documents such as the Deed of Conveyance and Certificate of Occupancy C-of-O to validate his claim that he Mr Chinedu Eshimobi is indeed    the legitimate owner of the land.

The Group Spokesman asserted that they have  unravelled Charles Ariko as a confirmed   419/ land Scammer  to the tune  of  N19 million, and ,   they are ready to  drag the  rascally Ariko  to court in order to recover the debt  because he  has  no respect for the laws of the state.

Larry Ebi   averred in the  distress call to  governor Okowa that Charles  Ariko who sees  himself as above the law is currently negotiating to resell  that same land to as many  people as  possible provided he gets money without any recognition to the laws of land.

The Group  mouth piece  noted during the interactive session with newsmen   that as law abiding entity, DMS on behalf of  Eshimobi  decided  to  apprise the governor in an open letter about   the  untoward attitude of the “Fraud Star ” called Charles Ariko which  is  capable of breaching the prevailing peace in  Ekete Community in Particular and Udu LGA  in general.

The  DMS statement further declared : ” We deemed it necessary to avail His Excellency,  governor Ifeanyi Okowa  of Delta  State  and other  relevant agencies of government the gsm numbers of  the land grabber Charles Ariko  which are  08024247738, 08058835113, 08060621622  be made available so that he can be called  to defend his ownership claim to the land .

The Group equally stated that Charles Ariko is also masquerading as one  Friday Ogboru who alleged that  he bought the same land from the fraudulent Charles  Ariko without a single document to substantiate or validate his claim.

The petitioners remarked that the fraudulent and  dangerous behaviour  of Charles  Ariko  need  immediate caution to prevent him from reselling the parcel of land to prospective buyers who are already contacting him thinking he is the rightful owner.

The statement also called on any interested buyer or  the general public  to stop dealing with Charles Ariko but should approach Mr Chinedu Eshimobi as the legitimate owner of land in question.

Mr Chinedu Eshimobi , the man in the eye of the storm , a Warri based NPDC contractor , who  also spoke in his attestation ,gave   graphical details  of Charles Ariko’s illegal exploits calculated to dispossess him of the  piece of land at Ekete Inland.

Mr  Eshimobi who went down the memory lane to narrate how he was hoodwinked by Charles Ariko said :” Actually, Charles Ariko  was introduced to me by a friend  named Mr . Fidelis Ogeh a former Sterling bank  branch manager and my account officer in   his  office , that Ariko was   his partner and  that he was  having an ongoing piling contract at Oghara Jetty in Ethiope West LGA , then  Charles Ariko   requested   for a friendly loan of N20m  without collateral to  pay  back with  interest of N2.4m, .within two months.

Continuing he said :  “We wrote an   agreement  on  Charles Ariko’s letter head paper styled Charliark Nigeria Limited  with post dated  cheques  issued by Charles Ariko to guaranty   payment  of the loan within a     duration of two months.

After  a long while  of default in payment, I pulled some strings and mounted pressure on him .after some time  I received  a credit alert of N5m from Charles Ariko, thereafter   he started   one story after  the other of delayed payment  that lasted for about a year interval.

Eshimobi said : ” I was provoked by his lewd tactics of trying to arm twist me , so I petioned   him to EFCC Port  Harcourt were he was detained and the agency helped me to squeeze N500, 000 thousand from him bringing total amount I collected to be N5.5m.

However,  Ariko  was later  released on  bail  by  EFCC       with a   written undertaken statement were he stated  how he hope  to pay the money with  a spread breakdown, an agreement   to which he never complied as he is very good at making fake promises.

When it became clear that he has ran out of stories to cover his shady tracks he resorted to boasting that since I have gone to EFCC , he is not going to pay me  the balance N14.5m.

Speaking further , he said : ” One day  I got a call from Inalu Muaza  and  Fidelis Ogeh  both of  Sterling bank that Charles Ariko has been paid via sterling bank and that he has   diverted the  (funds) to buy landed property ,   built a house with  the proceeds from the project  I gave him loan to execute..”

Eshimobi disclosed further saying :   ”   Inalu and Ogeh being account officers of Charles Ariko , and  having played a major  role for him to get the loan, naturally felt  duty bound and morally  compelled to open up to me  that what was left  available with Charles Ariko was  part/half  of the landed property by his  home at  hospital road Ekete Inland  Udu LGA , that is measuring 100×200 which Ariko placed on sale     for  N 19m.

He added :  “Inalu and Ogeh who knew fully well   that Ariko was deliberately being evasive to escape paying my  money  advised me to buy the land from  him for the N19 m by adding N4.5m to the N14 .5 m Ariko was owing me to balance him up to purchase the land because  he has no other means of refunding my money apart from his  landed property hence I gave him a balance of N4.5m then he issued me a receipt with  all relevant documents.

The bitter pill I swallowed is that the interest of 2.4 million as contained in the written agreement was somehow abandoned due to his unwillingness to pay the balance  N14.5m .

The Debtorsbook  Management Services for the overall interest of sanitising our society of miscreants  therefore demanded  that Ariko be thought a   lesson by being restricted from getting access  to the land which he has already sold to  serve as a discouragement  to his co-travlers    to take the path of honour in  their dealings  with people across the social stratificarin   ladder in our  society.

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